Fraud & Forensics

In this day and age, no business is immune to the risk of fraud. As malfeasances have become more pervasive so too has the need for professional services that can investigate irregularities to determine whether there is fraud present or to plumb the details to present the information in a court of law, if necessary. … Continued

Litigation Support

At times attorneys need assistance addressing and presenting complex accounting, financial, and business issues for litigation. When seeking consulting services, law firms demand experience, training and expertise. An experienced consultant gives attorneys the confidence that the numbers are in order and that they support the case, which allows the attorney to concentrate on the legal … Continued

Succession Planning

One of the most challenging aspects for business owners is deciding how the business will be passed on to a new generation of owners. Each situation presents its own set of unique options and decisions to be made to provide a roadmap for a successful transition of the business. Proactive planning will help create the … Continued

Credits & Incentives

Business owners and management are constantly looking for ways to reduce overall tax liability. While tax planning can provide a systematic approach to achieving this objective, it doesn’t always result in a large tax savings at one time. This is why it’s important to look beyond traditional tax planning to federal and state tax credits … Continued

Sales & Use Tax

The complexity of sales and use tax compliance has become a significant burden to the business community. States have become aggressive in their sales and use tax collection efforts, subjecting more and more businesses to audits and inquiries. The sales and use tax laws can vary significantly from state to state, making it difficult to know … Continued

Estate, Gift, Trusts

Preservation and control of your estate requires planning to ensure that your ultimate goals are met. A major part of this plan is the efficient management of your income, estate and gift taxes. Individuals need plans tailored to their specific needs and goals. An advisor can work with you to understand your goals and develop … Continued

Income Tax Planning & Compliance

Although everyone understands the need for filing annual income tax returns, most are unaware of the benefits of proactive income tax planning. Through proper planning, a taxpayer can effectively manage tax obligations by timing various activities to leverage credits, deductions and other tax incentives. The tax team at Hannis T. Bourgeois has decades of experience … Continued

SEC Services

SEC-registered companies face the challenge of navigating constantly changing financial accounting, reporting and audit regulations. To stay in compliance and ahead of these regulations requires a savvy management team to keep the company focused. It also requires the assistance of a certified public accounting firm that has the technical expertise and experience to guide efforts.   … Continued

Agreed Upon Procedures

There are circumstances that may warrant a special situation where your business may need assurance procedures performed without the need for a full-blown audit or review of your financial statements. The parties involved typically include an audit firm, the company subject to the procedures and a third party that will receive the report. In these … Continued

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Employee benefit plan audits are very specialized due to the requirements of the Department of Labor. While many of the audit principles are consistent, there are key differences that require training and knowledge to address. For this reason, it’s important to work with a firm that understands the nuances of benefit plan auditing. Hannis T. … Continued