Credits & Incentives

Business owners and management are constantly looking for ways to reduce overall tax liability. While tax planning can provide a systematic approach to achieving this objective, it doesn’t always result in a large tax savings at one time. This is why it’s important to look beyond traditional tax planning to federal and state tax credits and incentives. These are programs that reward qualifying companies for specific economic activities such as creating new jobs, hiring veterans and investing in technologies and processes.

Unfortunately, taxpayers are often unaware of available credits and incentives. This can result in missed savings opportunities. The team at Hannis T. Bourgeois works with clients to identify tax credits and incentives on an ongoing basis. This ensures that as programs phase out and new ones are launched, clients are properly positioned to take advantage when appropriate. We help qualify them for both federal and state credits, including:

  • Research & Development Credits
  • Enterprise Zone Incentives
  • Industrial Tax Exemption
  • LED FastStart Program
  • Angel Investor Credits
  • Qualified Rehabilitation Credits
  • Motion Picture Investment
  • Competitive Projects Payroll Incentive
  • Technology Commercialization Credits
  • Many More

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If your company is interested in exploring the state and federal credits available, HTB is here to help. For additional information on our tax credit and incentive services, click here to contact us.