Class Action Settlement Fund Administration

In any litigation, attention to important details is crucial to a successful case. The challenge, of course, is that there are lots of important details, particularly in cases involving class action. Attorneys want to be able to focus on legal aspects of a case in order to achieve the best outcome for a class. But once a settlement is reached, the challenge shifts from a legal focus to an administrative and distribution focus. In other words, how is the settlement communicated to the class? How are the funds allocated? Who follows up on class members who don’t respond? Who is responsible for the distribution of funds, accounting for these funds, tax returns, 1099s and filing with unclaimed properties at the end of the project?

These are just some of the services we can offer as Settlement Fund Administrator.

We work very closely with the Special Master and other attorneys in each case assisting them when needed and keeping them updated on the progress throughout the entire administrative process.

Law firms that partner with a reliable firm to handle the administration and distribution of the settlement funds can rest easy knowing that’s one less thing to worry about. That’s where HTB comes in. Our professionals have more than a dozen years of experience in class action settlement fund administration, including serving as a court-appointed disbursing agent (CADA). Our team knows that time is of the essence in this phase of litigation and our attention to detail and knowledge can give attorneys the confidence that they’re dealing with an experienced, professional group.

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