Accounting Services

Managing a business is a complex task that requires organization, focus and attention to be effective. There are many areas that demand management’s attention including client development, strategy design and execution, employee management and so many others. One thing that often ends up on the bottom of the list is accounting. While it’s a critical function that ensures compliance and generates important financial information, it is also an area most don’t have the time or expertise to manage internally. The result is often an un-optimized process that delivers limited value.

The Accounting Services team at Hannis T. Bourgeois works with companies to provide the structure and expertise needed to effectively manage the accounting function. From payroll processing to QuickBooks Consulting, our team has the practical experience to set up, refine and guide your efforts.

Accounting Services

Here is just a sampling of the services we provide, including:


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We love helping businesses from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and across Louisiana solve their accounting challenges. From traditional bookkeeping to payroll compliance and reporting, Hannis T. Bourgeois is here to help. For additional information, click here to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.