Sage Intacct

    Sage Intacct accounting software streamlines and upgrades workflows via a dynamic user interface. It is a favored bookkeeping platform across all industries due to its integrations with popular cloud services like ADP and Salesforce.  Our team of experienced Sage Intacct accountants can scale the features of this comprehensive cloud accounting platform to businesses … Continued

Business Advisory Services

In today’s world, changes are happening daily that affect businesses and how they operate. Keeping a competitive advantage is a critical component to the success of your business. Below are two diagnostic tools that can be used to help identify strengths and weaknesses within your organization. After you’ve worked through the tools, we’re here to … Continued

Information Technology

If you’re a small to medium sized business looking for a better return on your IT investment, it’s time to talk to HTB. At HTB we combine diverse abilities with a single goal – to create custom IT solutions for businesses and individuals to meet long-term objectives. From simple software installation to global communications, we’ll … Continued

Accounting Service Plans

Managing a business is a complex task that requires organization, focus and attention to be effective. There are many areas that demand management’s attention including client development, strategy design and execution, employee management and so many others. One thing that often ends up on the bottom of the list is accounting. While it’s a critical … Continued

Class Action Settlement Fund Administration

In any litigation, attention to important details is crucial to a successful case. The challenge, of course, is that there are lots of important details, particularly in cases involving class action. Attorneys want to be able to focus on legal aspects of a case in order to achieve the best outcome for a class. But … Continued

Payroll Support

Growth – it’s an important word in the business world. Whether your company is a ten person shop or a business with hundreds of employees, we are here to help you. Developing new products, delivering new services or simply expanding into new markets are all catalysts for growth. The increased business activity usually results in … Continued

CFO/Controller for Hire

After the books are closed, the bills paid and payroll run, often times management and business owners breathe a sigh of relief. The necessary accounting work is completed, but many don’t have an understanding of the company’s performance. When a business is growing, they evolve where they need financial guidance of a CFO or Controller. … Continued

QuickBooks Consulting

Millions of companies use QuickBooks to manage their accounting needs. Whether a startup, small business or growing enterprise, it has become the platform of choice for many. It’s an effective, comprehensive and scalable solution that can be expanded and integrated to meet a company’s diverse needs. However without the proper set up, implementation, user training … Continued

Accounting & Bookkeeping

After a business gets up and running, there are few things more important than knowing how your business is performing. Is it making money? If so, how? How is it spending money? How’d we do last week? Last month? Last year? Knowing those numbers is crucial to any business owner. If the numbers are accurate, … Continued

Business Valuation

There are several situations where a business might find itself needing business valuation services. Anything from a partial or total sale of a company to an estate or divorce settlement to a shareholder dispute. In any of these situations, a business owner wants to have confidence that the professionals conducting the valuation work are knowledgeable, … Continued