Facilitation Methodology


As trusted business advisors we focus on facilitating a solution to solve our clients’ problems.

Typically a consultant researches and investigates a problem or issue and presents a solution in report form or by way of a presentation.

At HTB, we use a facilitation methodology in areas of strategy, leadership, growth and profit for a number of reasons including:
1. Greater ownership in the solution / outcome by the client or team
2. The ability to reach solutions / outcomes quickly
3. The ability to adapt during our engagements
4. And the need to brain storm our Clients’ true ‘needs’ through facilitation

Using proven business and personal tools during facilitation provides valuable structure to conversations to draw out clever ideas, dig deeper on matters, and think outside the box.

Again, I’m Bobby Varnau, and I would be happy to help facilitate your next solution. Please go to our website at htbcpa.com or email me at rvarnau@htbcpa.com.